Club Runs

Sunday Club Runs & Events.

All Club Rides are cancelled until further notice due to current Government guidelines

Covid 19 Advice
With the UK Government and Cycling organisations changing advice on a regular basis we ask all our members to ensure they stay safe and up to date with the latest guidelines.
The Club Committee have looked at options to resume Club activities including Club Runs and Time Trials but at the current time it is not possible to resume activity. Unfortunately, this has meant the cancellation of a number events already and will continue until end July. A further assessment will take place towards the end July with the hope of resuming Club Runs in August if it is deemed safe. This includes looking at options for Café Stops and small group rides. The Committee is also hoping to run the Autumn 25 and Hill Climb Events, with a decision to be taken closer to the scheduled date.
British Cycling Advice
CTT Advice
Advice from Cycling UK - Cycle magazine's medical expert Dr Kate Hattersley, a South Devon Cycling UK group member, and practising GP in Exeter explains what this means and how to minimise risk for you as an individual cyclist.
Can I still cycle?

We are living in litigious times. It is imperative you have 3rd Party CTC or BC indemnity.