Good Friday Race Report

Hounslow and District Wheelers Good Friday 25.

The Hounslow’s season opening club 25 mile time trial was notable for three outstanding rides.

Paul Holdsworth’s 58 minutes 43 seconds gave him second place, and on this undulating course where most riders can only dream about getting under the hour it must be an encouraging start to the season. This was a good display of short distance speed from a rider who is now more formidable at fifty miles and upwards.

Rob Gilmour took the third place with 59.04. This was an impressive performance because senior veterans are just not supposed to go that fast, especially on hilly courses. The time was good enough to give him equal first place on handicap (with Neil Ferrelly) and it should be remembered that it is rare for established riders like Rob to do well on handicaps since these awards almost always go to relative novices who have achieved a sudden improvement which has somehow escaped the eagle eye of our handicapper. Incidentally the marshals were in agreement that had Rob not been brought to a near standstill by traffic when turning onto the bottom of Hawthorn Hill he would have been inside 59 minutes.

Good as these two were, it was Nic Stagg who was the victor of the day and who took most of the spectators’ attention.

Recently Nic had the great misfortune to lose his bikes

Nic Stagg

Nic Stagg rides his 88 inch fixed to victory

in a burglary, and the machine he used on Friday was intended as a temporary stand by. It is built on a modest off the peg steel frame and apart from a good pair of wheels it uses fairly basic equipment along the lines of the ‘less is more’ theory. Nic used a single 88” fixed gear to record a time of 58.04, and, following that less is more idea, it is unnecessary to say any more about this ride.

There were another three strong rides which might have been good enough to win the event in the recent past. Stuart Stow, in fourth place with 1.01.31, looks set to repeat or improve on the excellent season he enjoyed last year, while Roger Sewell and Damian Poulter also produced efforts which would have put them comfortably under the hour on a fast course. Subsequent positions begin to show a rapid dropping away of speed which may reveal a lack of racing experience, particularly in road and track racing where time trial speed has so often been generated in the past.
The event attracted 44 entries, which included 20 Hounslow club members, and 24 private time trials (i.e. members of other clubs). This is in line with the current trend for what were once considered modest club time trials to get as many riders as the more prestigious open events. The organiser on Friday was Graham Davis, Trevor Gilbert held the watch and Martyn Roach was the handicapper: our thanks go to them and to all those who gave up their morning to act as marshals.

 1. Nic Stagg                                58.07
 2. Paul Holdsworth                          58.43
 3. Rob Gilmour                              59.04
 4. Stuart Stow                              1.01.31
 5. Roger Sewell                             1.03.10
 6. Damian Poulter                           1.03.50
 7. Mark Lorenzi                             1.07.03
 8. Merill Readett                           1.08.49
 9. Henrik Funch                             1.10.03
 10. Bruce McMichael                         1.10.12
 11. Andrew Caldwell                         1.10.41
 12. Jill Bartlett                           1.11.25.

1st Handicap, Neil Ferrelly (actual time 1.13.04)
Best private TT: Chris Taylor (Berks Tri Squad) 1.00.46

Chris Lovibond, 10th April 2012.

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